The land of Gavi

A magical and enchanted place.

Gavi is located in Southern Piedmont in Monferrato area where round hills follow one another to reach the Apennine mountains. Vineyards, woods and fields create a green landscape, home of the grape variety named Cortese.

The sea wind from Liguria, the characteristics of the soil and the careful professional attention to the vineyards are the ingredients to make wines with delicate aromas and an elegant and fresh taste.

Stefano Massone has been living in the culture and tradition of Gavi since his childhood, when he started following his father’s footsteps. He is in love with his vineyards and his job. Day by day, season by season his commitment to his winery becomes stronger.

His estate includes 15 vineyards located in 6 municipalities of the DOCG area with different soils, from white land with limestone to red with clay.

For 40 years these differences have been used to grow the best Cortese grapes, vinified with care in the modern cellar. The different positions of the vineyards limit the impact of bad weather and guarantee high quality wines every year.